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How to Look Taller with the Right Fashion Choices

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Many people desire to look taller, especially if they are of average or shorter height. One can achieve this by using the right fashion choices to create an illusion of height. It might seem impossible, but with a few tips and tricks, you can look several inches taller. Here are some fashion choices that will make you look taller.

Wear heels

One of the easiest ways to look taller is to wear heels. High heels can immediately add inches to your height and create a leaner and longer appearance. However, avoid wearing heels that are too high as they can be uncomfortable and make your feet hurt. The ideal heel height should be around 2-3 inches.

Choose the right clothing

The clothes you wear also play a significant role in how tall you appear. Avoid wearing clothes that are too baggy or loose-fitting as they can make you appear shorter. Instead, choose clothes that fit well and have a tailored look. Clothes that are slim-fit and have a tapered waistline will give the illusion of height by making you look leaner.

Vertical Stripes

Wearing vertical stripes creates an illusion of height by making your body appear longer. Horizontal stripes have the opposite effect; they make you look shorter and wider. Therefore, when choosing patterns, choose patterns that elongate your body to give the impression of height.

Wear the same color

Wearing the same color from head-to-toe creates an unbroken line that makes you appear taller. It draws the eyes up and down making you appear longer. However, avoid wearing bright and bold colors as they tend to draw attention to specific areas, making you appear shorter.

The right haircut

Believe it or not, the right haircut can make you look taller. Short haircuts with volume at the top make your head appear higher, making you look taller. Additionally, men with beards can create a similar appearance by creating extra length. Women can opt for short, voluminous hairstyles or long ponytails that add length to their head. However, avoid styles that make the head appear wider as they can make you appear shorter.

Accessorize accordingly

Accessories can also help create an illusion of height. For example, long necklaces or scarfs create a vertical line that elongates your body, creating the impression of height. When it comes to bags, choose small and sleek bags that don’t weigh you down. Large, heavy bags can accentuate your height and make you appear shorter.

In conclusion, with the right fashion choices, you can create an illusion of height, regardless of your natural height. By dressing in well-fitting clothes, wearing heels, and accessorizing accordingly, you can create a leaner and longer appearance. Remember to keep it simple; avoid overcomplicating your look with too many patterns or color combinations. Try these tips and be confident in your new, taller appearance.

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