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How to properly clean and sanitize your makeup brushes

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How to Properly Clean and Sanitize Your Makeup Brushes

We all love applying makeup to enhance our features and feel confident. But have you ever stopped to think about the cleanliness of your makeup brushes? Makeup brushes can accumulate dirt, product buildup, and even bacteria over time, leading to skin irritations and breakouts. Properly cleaning and sanitizing your makeup brushes is essential to maintain their performance and ensure the health of your skin. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it effectively.

Step 1: Gather your supplies
Before starting the cleaning process, make sure you have all the necessary supplies. You’ll need a gentle, fragrance-free soap or a brush cleanser specifically formulated for makeup brushes. Additionally, you’ll need a clean towel or paper towels, a small bowl or sink with warm water, and a brush cleaning pad or a silicone mat (optional but recommended for a thorough clean).

Step 2: Rinse the bristles
Begin by rinsing the bristles of your makeup brushes under lukewarm water. Be careful while rinsing to avoid getting water on the handle or ferrule, as this can loosen the bristles over time. Make sure to point the bristles downward to ensure the water flows away from the handle.

Step 3: Cleanse the bristles
Next, pour a small amount of the soap or brush cleanser onto the palm of your hand or directly onto the brush cleaning pad. Gently swish the bristles in the cleanser, working up a lather. You can also use the brush cleaning pad or silicone mat by swirling the bristles against the textured surface, which helps remove stubborn residue and buildup.

Step 4: Rinse and repeat
After thoroughly cleansing the bristles, rinse them under the lukewarm water again until the water runs clear. Make sure to remove all traces of soap or cleanser. Repeat the cleansing and rinsing steps if needed until there is no residue left.

Step 5: Squeeze out excess water
Once the brushes are clean, gently squeeze out the excess water from the bristles using your fingers. Be gentle yet firm to avoid damaging the bristles. Avoid pulling or twisting the bristles while squeezing out the water, as this can result in shedding or misshaping the brush.

Step 6: Reshape and dry
After squeezing out the excess water, reshape the bristles with your fingers to their original shape. Place the brushes on a clean towel or paper towel, laying them flat. Make sure to keep the bristles slightly elevated to allow air circulation and quicker drying. Avoid drying the brushes upright as water can seep into the ferrule and loosen the bristles.

Step 7: Sanitize
To further ensure the hygiene of your brushes, use a sanitizing spray or a mixture of diluted rubbing alcohol and water to mist the bristles after they are dry. This step helps kill any remaining bacteria that may have survived the cleaning process.

Step 8: Regular maintenance
Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly is essential to prevent product buildup and bacterial growth. Aim to clean your brushes at least once a week, especially for brushes used with liquid or cream products. Brushes used around the eyes should be cleaned more frequently, every two to three days, to avoid any potential eye infections.

Taking the time to clean and sanitize your makeup brushes properly not only extends their lifespan but also ensures that your skin stays healthy and free from irritations or breakouts. By following these simple steps and making it a regular part of your beauty routine, you can keep your makeup brushes in top condition while also promoting the overall health of your skin.

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