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Top web design trends to watch out for in 2022

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As we enter into the new year, web design trends have started to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape. In 2022, web designers are focusing on creating immersive experiences by utilizing the latest technologies to enhance user interaction on your website. As an AI language model, I have compiled the top web design trends that you should be aware of in 2022.

Dark Mode

Dark mode is becoming increasingly popular among web designs. In 2022, more websites will incorporate dark mode to provide users with a comfortable viewing experience in low-light conditions. Not only does dark mode enhance the visual aesthetics of your website, but it also reduces eye strain and conserves battery life for mobile users.

3D Animation

In 2022, 3D animation will take web design to the next level. 3D elements such as graphics, typography, and icons can create a stunning visual experience for website visitors. 3D animation also allows web designers to create realistic and visually stimulating effects, shaping user interactions and user experiences to the next level.

Custom Illustrations

Custom illustrations are a trend that will most certainly catch on in 2022. They add a personal touch to your website and can be used to depict your brand identity in a unique way. Custom illustrations can be used to depict storytelling or create distinguish visual aids to add the more personal touch to your brand identity.


In 2022, we will see a growing trend to the use of asymmetrical design techniques. Asymmetry is an organic approach to web design where visual elements are placed in a way that creates an uneven balance. This trend creates a diverse and unique visual experience that the users wouldn’t expect. It also provides a sense of progression, encouraging user engagement and improving visual communication.

Augmented Reality

Web designers are now exploring augmented reality to create immersive experiences on their websites. In 2022, expect to see more websites using this technology. Augmented reality can make a user’s interaction with your website more realistic and engaging. It can also be used to train employees for inter-office purposes.


Minimalistic design has been trending for a while, and it is not fading anytime soon. In 2022, minimalism will remain a popular web design trend as simplicity continues to be the preferred style for many. A minimalistic design can help you effectively communicate your message to users without overwhelming them with excessive information.


In 2022, web designers will be focusing more on creating accessible web designs that cater to users with disabilities. For instance, this can be accomplished by the proper usage of headings, alt descriptions for images, and colors to aid the visually impaired. Accessibility design emphasizes inclusivity and accessible design for all.

In conclusion, web design trends are constantly evolving, and staying updated is crucial to remain ahead of the competition. From augmented reality to custom illustrations, these trends will inspire new concepts, and web designers must be able to adapt and evolve through the year. In 2022, web design will continue to focus on user interaction, improving accessibility and creating visually captivating experiences.

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